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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

This is not right for the governor

This is not right for the governor

More than 30 people have committed suicide in Tamil Nadu after losing money in gambling games including online rummy. Due to this, the Tamil Nadu government brought an ordinance on October 1 to ban gambling games including online rummy.

Subsequently, the Tamil Nadu government passed the Online Gambling Prohibition Bill in the Legislative Assembly on October 19 as an alternative to the Ordinance. Subsequently, this bill was sent to Governor R.N Ravi for approval on October 28.

Following this, Governor R.N Ravi sent a letter on Friday (November 24) seeking an explanation from the Tamil Nadu government regarding the Online Gambling Prohibition Act. An explanation was given on behalf of the Tamil Nadu government.

Meanwhile, a young woman from Odisha who was living in Karivalamvanthanallur near SankaranKovil in Tenkasicommitted suicide after losing money in an online rummy game and committed suicide. Auto driver Parthiban (36) from ManaliKalThotam area of Chennai committed suicide by hanging himself yesterday.

Online rummy gambling ban by Governor R.N. While the Governor is still delaying his approval, the Tamil Nadu government's ban on online gambling ordinance has now expired.In this situation, Tamil Nadu Law Minister Raghupathi met Governor R.N Ravi and personally urged him to take steps to approve the Prohibition of Gambling Act.

Entire Tamil Nadu supports the Online Gambling Prohibition Bill. All the leaders of Tamil Nadu have put forward the same opinion that this is not an acceptable reaction from the governor''. It is puzzling that the governor is delaying the bill until it expires. No one can be allowed to play with the lives of Tamils. Governor R.N Ravi should take action to approve the Online Gambling Prohibition Bill without further delay!