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Today Date : Saturday, July 13, 2024

TMC leader questions Cong alliance with DMK

TMC leader questions Cong alliance with DMK

TMC youth wing state president M Yuvaraja questioned Congress for continuing its alliance with DMK which helped release of Perarivalan, one among the convicts in former PM and Congress president Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, and celebrated it with much joy. 

In a release, he said ''the Supreme Court has convicted seven of the killers of Rajiv Gandhi, asserting they were guilty.  The same Supreme Court has released him on some legal grounds. But, it didn't acquit him from the crime and declare him innocent.  

So, it is heartbreaking that the Chief Minister has welcomed him and hugging him with cheer,  forgotting  that the culprit was a murderer and that he was not declared as innocent.  He welcomed him overwhelmingly. 

Ironically, he attended  Rajiv Gandhi's 31st Memorial Day and administered anti terrorism pledge, on Saturday when he was on a three-day visit to the Nilgiris district. On the same day in Ooty, he consulted legal experts online on releasing  6 other convicts of the assassination case. So, some leaders celebrated his release by cutting cake and distributing sweets at Periyar library, Dharapuram. 

Yuvaraja asked those,  who celebrated Perarivalan's release, could celebrate if the assassin of their family member was released from prison. If the murderer of a former PM was released in this way and the release was celebrated, what about the murderers of ordinary civilians, he asked. The trend will increase crimes in the nation, as bad precedent was already set in releasing a convicted person, he feared. 

He asked ''Is your (Congress) alliance still going on with a coalition party -DMK that is pleased with the release of the assassin of an young leader of the Congress party, for getting a few seats in the Assembly and Parliament with its help. ''

The TMC has every right to talk about it  because late CM Kamaraj, GK Mooppanar and his successor  GK Vasan have played a major role in strengthening Congress party.  Similarly, the TMC continues to be a movement following the principles of great leaders Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and has always paid homage to them. 

''So,  on behalf of the TMC, I urge the  Congress leaders to leave the alliance  which rejoice the release of Perarivalan and understand the sentiments of the true Congress volunteers in the issue,'' he said.

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