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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

TN attains record Paddy  Production due to Govt steps: CM

TN attains record Paddy Production due to Govt steps: CM

The Chief Minister M. K. Stalin said that the government is protecting not only the people but also the soil so that TN witnessed a record paddy production this year. 

Speaking at a government function held at Perundurai yesterday, he said: Government functions are not festivals that are held for entertainment or to glorify us. It is a function to explain to people  what we are doing.

 I am a person who wants everyone to talk about the work that needs to be done for the people rather than talking praising me whether it is in the People's Forum or in the Legislative Assembly. I don't need new accolades.

 I am the one who thinks that the existing fame is enough. Stalin means hard work. Stalin meant labour labour, labour as said by late CM 

M Karunanidhi. Can I need any other praise than what he said. I can't have any other compliments than when Anna told me that you look like your father. I am working on the enthusiasm that comes from such compliments.

 I will work harder. I will continue to work as long as I live for the development of TN.  My goal is to make everything available to everyone, all round development, development of people of all walks of life, departments, districts, society. It is the principle of Dravidian Model Rule.  Before I left for this western region on a 3-day trip I received 2 successful messages. 

One, the production of paddy in Tamil Nadu has reached a new peak which has not been recorded in 20 years.

 This is a historic victory. Due to the precise action taken by the government, the production increased from 1 crore 4 lakh metric tonnes last year  to 1 crore 22 lakh metric tons.  Similarly, the irrigated area of ​​paddy production has also increased. 

This feat did not happen casually. Tamil Nadu is the only state that has submitted a separate budget for agriculture. Traditional seed paddy was given to farmers at 50 percent subsidy. 

When I was in Gobi (the day before yesterday) the farmers were giving paddy seeds grown through traditional seed with joy and said they produced it out of the scheme announced by me. Samba, Kurvai cultivation package scheme implemented in Delta districts. 

Water from Mettur Dam was released early for Kurvai cultivation. Canals were properly dug to carry water to the outlet. All these together laid the foundation for such a monumental achievement. 

Another important victory is the Madras High Court has given legal recognition to the social justice idea that all castes can become priests.  Some people went to the court to cancel the ordinance that could protect such social justice. 

But the Court refused to stay the order. Flatly refused. If the father of victory for the policy, Periyar, and our leader Karunanidhi were present today, how happy they would have been. 

This is a victory for our policy. Whether it is agricultural production or the fact that all castes can become priests, such success is possible because of our visionary decision-making in everything, he asserted.