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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

TN Election Observer holds consultation meeting in Coimbatore

TN Election Observer holds consultation meeting in Coimbatore

Tamil Nadu's Election Special Expenditure Officer, PR Balakrishnan, participated in a consultation meeting with electoral officers and various government department representatives to assess the election scenario in Coimbatore. The meeting, held at the collector's office, saw the presence of District Election Expenditure Officers Geethu Padolia and Ume Fardina Adil, Pollachi Election Expenditure Officer Shiv Pratap Singh, as well as District Electoral Officer and Coimbatore Collector Kranthi Kumar Pati.

The primary agenda of the meeting was to review the surveillance team's efforts in monitoring candidate expenses and the movement of cash, liquor, drugs, and freebies distributed to voters. TN Election Expenditure Officer Balakrishnan emphasised the need for officers to closely monitor these activities. He instructed flying squads and surveillance teams to remain vigilant at all checkpoints, checking vehicles for potential transportation of cash or freebies. Additionally, he urged bank officers and ED officials to watch for any suspicious transactions in candidates' bank accounts and report them promptly.

Balakrishnan also emphasised the importance of ensuring that surveillance activities do not inconvenience the public excessively. He directed officers to ensure that individuals carrying cash exceeding Rs 50,000 in their vehicles provide relevant receipts. The meeting was attended by representatives from the city police department, ED officials, bankers, and other government officials.