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Today Date : Monday, May 27, 2024

TN’s top place in key  economic and healthcare metrics evokes pride

TN’s top place in key economic and healthcare metrics evokes pride

It is evident from reports released by Central agencies on study of seven categories, including postnatal care, computer product exports, and special economic zones in India that Tamil Nadu excels in each of them.
Export Readiness Index 2022 of manufactured goods compiled by NitiAyog has reported that Tamil Nadu has got first place by getting 80 to 100 points.The Central Government's NIRYAT has released the report for the year 2022&-23 on the export value of engineering products according to which Tamil Nadu alone exports 16.30 percent of India's exports and is the second largest state in India after Maharashtra.
Tamil Nadu is ranked first for the health indices related to pregnant women in the 2023 report on national poverty indices. It has also been claimed that Tamil Nadu, with a score of 3.31, is the highest ranking state in India for population control and prenatal care.
Annual Hospital Maternity Health Survey by the Office of the Population Commissioner and Registrar General’s Statistics Division reports that Tamil Nadu has the greatest percentage of safe hospital deliveries nationwide. This indicates that Tamil Nadu deserves credit since, second only to Kerala, 99 percent of births occur in Tamil Nadu's hospitals. When it comes to comprehensive child care and postpartum care, Tamil Nadu is again a top ranker.
According to a survey of social progress indicators for districts and states, Tamil Nadu leads all big states with 89.9 percent. Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have played a pivotal role in assisting states in India to advance in domains like industrial development. 
Tamil Nadu is the state in India having the most Special Economic Zones—50 in total—among them. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has provided clarity on this.
Tamil Nadu and its people may thus take pleasure in the fact that their state has pushed for growth and gained top place in everything under the DMK government as evidenced by the Central Government's records.