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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

TNBGFA plans to strike work from May 22

TNBGFA plans to strike work from May 22

Tamil Nadu broiler growers farmers association (TNBGFA) has decided to strike work from May 22 to press the government to ask the firms to hike the wage for growing the broiler chicks in the farms from Rs 6.50 per kg to Rs 12 with immediate effect due to steep rise in production cost, said the association state president Dr E Venkatachalam.
After the association executive  meeting he said ''there are about 20 thousand farms in Tamil Nadu. The association operates in 24 districts. Many more are joining the association from other districts. 

The chick rearing wage was fixed at Rs. 3.50 in 2013 and Rs. 6.50 in 2020 with the support of some fake associations. So now we want talks with genuine associations.  Currently the production cost of raising chics has also increased.  So we are demanding a minimum  wage of Rs. 12. About 49 companies in Tamil Nadu give us chicks and pay wages. They did not  raise their wages, despite many  demands. Coconut fiber waste, placed on poultry farms, was available free of cost in those days. 

But now it is priced too.  The additional cost is also due to the increase in the wages of the employees.  Wages should also be increased based on the breeding quality of the chickens.  Raising new chicks in the  farms has been stopped for the last 10 days.  The supply of chicks to companies will be stopped from May 22. Many false cases were registered on us.  The government should prevent this. It convened a tripartite meeting on May 5 to resolve the isdue, but it postponed it, he  said.