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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

TNSDA organises swimming training program in Tiruvannamalai

TNSDA organises swimming training program in Tiruvannamalai

The Tamil Nadu Sports Development Authority (TNSDA) is organising a swimming training program at the Tiruvannamalai District Sports Complex. Scheduled from April to June 2024, these summer swimming training sessions are open to students and the general public above 10 years of age.

Participants are required to wear appropriate swimwear during the 12-day training course. The coaching fee, set at Rs. 1500/- by the TNSDA, aims to make swimming lessons accessible to all.

As a precaution, individuals learning to swim are advised to use hand sanitizer containing 70% alcohol regularly. Additionally, those experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, muscle pain, headache, or anaemia are not permitted to use the swimming pool.

Tiruvannamalai District Collector D Bhaskara Pandian highlighted the affordability of learning swimming at the district sports complex's swimming pool. For further information, interested individuals can contact the District Sports and Youth Welfare Officer at 04175-233169 during office hours.