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Today Date : Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Trader dies after buying raffle tickets worth Rs 62 lakhs

Trader dies after buying raffle tickets worth Rs 62 lakhs

In Erode, a yarn trader who lost Rs 62 lakh in a lottery has committed suicide by hanging himself after releasing a video.Radhakrishnan (54) hails from Erode Ellapalayam.  His wife Malathi.  They have two daughters.  Daughter Nithya Anandi is married and lives with her husband in Kumarapalayam.  Divyabharati, another daughter who lost her husband, is living with her parents.

In the early days, Radhakrishnan was running a workshop.  She has been working as a yarn commission agent. Radhakrishnan used to buy lottery tickets from Senthilkumar, the husband of 39th Ward DMK Councilor Geethanjali from Karungalpalaiyam, Erode.

In this situation, Radhakrishnan committed suicide by hanging himself after taking a video on his mobile phone and sending it to his friends on Friday evening.
In the video he had lost Rs 62 lakh by buying the lottery tickets and that she would still lose money if he was alive.

He also urged to stop lottery sales in Erode as many families are affected by the lottery Erode North police are investigating a complaint lodged by Radhakrishnan's wife Malathi. The sale of lottery tickets, which ruined the lives of many, was banned during the reign of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.  However lottery sales are continuing.  Many have lost millions by lottery.

In this case, the suicide of a yarn trader from Erode who lost money by lottery has caused much flutter in the district.

Superintendent of Police V. Sasimohan said that 147 cases have been registered and 215 arrests have been made since June last year in connection with the banned and online lottery sales. In addition, steps are being taken to prevent lottery sales carried out by WhatsApp, he added.