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Today Date : Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Traditional nutrition food festival  showcases rural women’s culinary skills

Traditional nutrition food festival showcases rural women’s culinary skills

rition foods took center stage at the Mahalir Thittam Office in Yercaud Saturday, drawing participants from Self Help Groups across nine panchayats in the hill taluk.
Gunasekaran, the Block Development Officer (BDO) of Yercaud Panchayat Union was the chief guest of  the event.  Panchayat Union Manager Kennedy, Mahalir Thittaam  Program Block Manager Mahalingam, and Integrated Child Development Program Officers took part in the festival.
The festival organised by Mahalir Thittam Coordinators Silambarasan and Mohan, served as a platform for women to exhibit their culinary expertise in crafting dishes from small millets such as ragi, samai, and varaku.
Participants from the Self Help Groups showcased an array of traditional delicacies, inviting the BDO and Child Development Program Officers to sample their creations. 
A panel of judges assessed the culinary skills and performance of the teams, ultimately awarding the top three prizes.
The PLF group from Yercaud panchayat claimed the first prize, while the Panithuli women's group from Maramangalam panchayat secured the second prize. 
The third prize was bestowed upon the Sirakugal Women's Group from Vellakadai panchayat.
These groups, recognized for their skills, have been selected to represent Yercaud at an upcoming district-level food nutrition festival, promising further recognition for their gastronomic