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Two kidney transplants on the same day at Abirami Kidney Care

Two kidney transplants on the same day at Abirami Kidney Care

Two kidney transplants were performed on the same day at Abhirami Kidney Care Hospital, Erode.

A youth named Lokarajan (21) from Namakkal district met an accident on April 12. He was admitted to the Erode Government Medical College Hospital in Perundurai, where he died of brain death on April 15.

 Following this, Lokarajan's parents expressed their desire to donate Lokarajan's organs. Subsequently, one of Lokarajan's kidneys was donated and brought to Erode Abirami Kidney Care Hospital in 15 minutes by ambulance, and the kidney of the brain dead youth was transplanted to Mohammad Anish (29), who had been undergoing dialysis for the past 5 years due to kidney failure. Similarly, Thangaraj (58), who works in the Tamil Nadu Police Department, was undergoing treatment at the Abirami hospital for the past 4 years. Thangaraj's wife Saroja (52), expressed her wish to donate a kidney to her husband. Accordingly, Thangaraj's kidney was transplanted through laparoscopic surgery and the kidney was transplanted through a very small hole. The surgeries, as ordered by the Tamil Nadu Organ Transplantation Organization, took place in one night for about 12 hours under the leadership of D. Saravanan, Managing Director of the Hospital and urology specialist. Dr. Saravanan said that both the patients are in good condition.