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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Ultima Protek “Ultimate Lamination Paint” is top choice for consumers

Ultima Protek “Ultimate Lamination Paint” is top choice for consumers

Asian Paints is a brand that is synonymous with beautiful homes & has been consistently offering innovative solutions. Its revolutionary exterior wall paint Ultima Protek stands out as the ultimate ‘lamination paint’, offering the toughest of protection against severe rain, sun and dust.

With this new ad, Asian Paints reinforces the positioning that Ultima Protek is the best lamination paint. Featuring popular southern actor and comedian SathishMuthukrishnan as 'Chandru,' the advertisement humorously showcases the exceptional features of Ultima Protek. The ad also highlights the cutting-edge Lamination Guard Technology which makes it the top choice for consumers.

Speaking about the new Ultima Protek TVC, Amit Syngle, MD, and CEO of Asian Paints shared, "Our core concept for Ultima Protek comes from the simple insight that people laminate items they cherish. In line with this messaging, our new TVC underlines the essence of lamination protection through the relatable narrative of 'Super Chandru'. The ad film further solidifies Ultima Protek as the best lamination paint available today for your homes."

Prem Narayan, Chief Strategy Office, Ogilvy India, added,“Consumers in the region associate ‘lamination paint’ as a convincing barrier against adverse weather. Past campaigns made lamination paint benchmark for exterior paint. Adding to same, the new campaign strengthens the association of Asian Paints Ultima Protek with ‘lamination paint’.” 

With Ultima Protek comes with 10 years of performance warranty. Homeowners can be rest assured that their cherished homes will be protected from rain, heat, and dust for years to come with Ultima Protek.