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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Unbearable grief 

Unbearable grief 

The electrocution during a temple car procession in Thanjavur district which caused the death of 11 devotees has become a tragedy of immense scale.

Kalimedu village is situated 6 kilometers from Thanjavur where there is the Appar Swamy Mutt. The temple car festival conducted here drew a huge crowd of devotees from the villages. The car was five feet tall with decorations made on steel rods. The overall height of the car with the decorations was 14 feet. As road works were going on the top part of the car was not folded. 

As the heavy electricity generator was placed inside the temple car, it tilted towards its side as it moved. While taking a turn on the road, the top part of the car brushed against the overhead electricity cables and caught fire. The persons in the car and those watching the festival were shocked and caused a disturbance in the crowd.

 The priest who was in the car and 10 devotees were charred to death on the spot instantly when the mishap occurred. The deceased included two children.

It was a tragic sight when the friends and relatives flocked to the hospital where those dead due to electrocution and those injured were taken. The entire place was engulfed in grief and tears.

The President of India, Vice President, and the Prime Minister have expressed condolences. Tamilnadu Chief Minister M.K Stalin visited the place in person and expressed condolences to the dead and enquired about the condition of those who were injured. He also handed over the solatium announced by the state government. 
Only time will erase the grief.