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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Urgent action  needed for eradicating Prosopis Juliflora

Urgent action needed for eradicating Prosopis Juliflora

For more than 60 years the Prosopis Juliflora shrub small trees have encroached and destroyedapproximately 25 per cent of cultivated land across Tamil Nadu.
These invasive plants thrive in drought and hot summers, even without rain or ground water. Their roots absorb water, causing the land to dry out. The shade prevents other creatures from growing near it, and no bird species nests.
A drive to eradicate this ubiquitous plant was launched in August 2013. But this work could not be completed completely even after 10 years.Social activists are constantly calling for the removal of the Prosopis Juliflora oak trees, which have become a major challenge to the environment. The High Court Judges have also issued orders to the officers from time to time.
The forest department has removed 800 tons of ProsopisJuliflorathat are ruining the forest in Mettupalayam area of Coimbatore. In recent times, the forest department has decided to clear the area due to the increasing number of ProsopisJuliflora trees.
It is reported that this work is ongoing.
The forest department and volunteers in all the districts have to step up their activities more intensively to completely destroy the invasive plants. Only if the Tamil Nadu government goes all out and undertakes this work, in a few years Tamil Nadu will be able to create a situation where there are no ProsopisJuliflora at all!