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Today Date : Monday, June 17, 2024

Urgent call for talks as farmers  resume Delhi march after talks  negotiations fail

Urgent call for talks as farmers resume Delhi march after talks negotiations fail

Farmers of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan have taken up their protest march towards Delhi vigorously.
The protest has been called for legislation to ensure minimum source price for produce, implementation of Swaminathan Commission recommendations, pension for farmers and agricultural labourers, farm loan waiver, withdrawal of police cases and justice for victims of LakhimpurKheri violence.
Negotiations were held by the central government to prevent this. But declaring it a failure, the farmers' unions have begun a determined protest to lay siege to Delhi. On the other hand, the police have put up several levels of barriers like cement blocks, barbed wire fences, putting nails on the road and blocking the road with containers on the main roads connecting Delhi from states like Punjab and Haryana. Internet service is down. Prohibitory order under section144 has also been clamped.
On the first day of the rally on Tuesday a major clash broke out on the Punjab-Haryana border yesterday. Haryana police fired tear gas shells to disperse the farmers. 
They also fired with rubber bullets. It is reported that 60 farmers have been injured.However, the rally towards Delhi continues today, the second day of breaking barriers.
The Union Government is the only reason for the current resurgence of farmers' agitation. The farmers say that the Union Government did not fulfil the promises made during the previous agitation. Farmers continued to protest. But the Union Government did not heed it.
The nation is relying on the Union Government. It is its duty to keep its promise. 
Farmers should take advantage of the intervening three-year period to negotiate and put an end to the agitation. Due to failure to do so, tension has arisen in Delhi and its neighbouring states today.
If the Union government tries to suppress their protest, there are chances of dire consequences. Therefore, there is an urgent need for the union government to negotiate with the farmers union leaders again and ask for some time to fulfil the demands and end the protest.
Negotiations must begin before the agitation picks up pace. Will the Union government listen considering the parliamentary elections? The nation is waiting for what Prime Minister Modi is going to do!