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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Vastu Dairy launches  Vastu Premium Gold Ghee

Vastu Dairy launches Vastu Premium Gold Ghee

Shree Radhe Dairy Farm and Foods Ltd (Vastu Dairy), the leading producer of milk and milk products from Surat launched its new product Vastu Premium Gold Ghee. The Vastu Premium Gold Ghee, which comes in two varieties (Gold Premium Cow Ghee and  Gold Desi Ghee), is made from the finest quality butter according to Mr Bhupat Sukhadia, founder and chairman of Vastu Dairy said, “The quality of ghee is dependent on the quality and health of the cattle from which the milk is sourced. 

Our Premium Ghee manufacturing process involves at least 3.5 hours of slow cooking where the temperature is gradually increased to ensure that the final product has a granular texture and sweet aroma similar to home-made ghee,” said Mr Sukhadia.