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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Victory and failure of BJP and Congress

Victory and failure of BJP and Congress

The Election Commission of India on Thursday announced the results of assembly elections of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.  In Gujarat, the ruling BJP has managed to win 156 out of 182 seats, while Congress and AAP have managed to secure only 17 and 5 respectively. 

The BJP had secured a massive victory and is all set to form the government for the seventh consecutive time.  Similarly, in Himachal Pradesh, the Congress had managed to win 40 out of 68 seats while the BJP had secured 25 seats and others had secured three seats.

Congress, in HP, had managed to form the government after five years by snatching the state from the grips of BJP.  As far as Himachal Pradesh is considered, only two parties – BJP and congress – have formed governments since the 1980s. 

When it was hugely predicted that the BJP would continue to rule the state for the second consecutive term, Congress’s victory came as a surprise to many.  Ahead of the election, the Congress cadres had done a vigorous campaign even though the  Priyanka Gandhi-led campaign in Uttar Pradesh had not yielded much results. 

While many had predicted that the Gandhi-led campaign might not yield results here in Himachal, she had given everyone a pleasant surprise.  As predicted, BJP had gained a majority in Gujarat assembly but nobody has predicted that they will lose in Delhi corporation election and in Himachal assembly election.

In the Delhi corporation election, AAP had won 127 out of 250 seats while  BJP won just 100 seats. By losing this election, BJP has lost its grip on New Delhi almost after 15 years.  Even after winning the Gujarat election with a majority, BJP is likely to shed tears for losing these two elections.