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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Vijay Antony requests voters  to carefully think before voting

Vijay Antony requests voters to carefully think before voting

Actor Vijay Antony, speaking at a press meet held at a private star hotel in Avinashi Road, Coimbatore, discussed the upcoming Vijay Antony live contest program in Coimbatore, Salem, and Trichy, as well as the release of his film "Romeo" on Ramzan.
Expressing his happiness about returning to Coimbatore for another performance, Vijay Antony emphasised that anyone who works for the welfare of the people can enter politics. He highlighted the importance of good storytelling in films, stating that regardless of the scale, a film's success hinges on the quality of its narrative.
Regarding the release of his recent film "Manjumol Boys," Vijay Antony noted that there was no formal trailer launch or press meet, yet the film has been gaining traction through social media platforms.
Encouraging voters to make informed decisions, Vijay Antony stressed the need for citizens to assess the accomplishments of political parties rather than voting solely based on personal preferences. He reiterated that joining politics is not the only way to serve the people, emphasising that individuals can contribute to society in various ways.
Regarding his upcoming film "Romeo," Vijay Antony revealed that it would depict the lives of a couple.