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Today Date : Sunday, May 26, 2024

Villagers involve in road blockade

Villagers involve in road blockade

Aggrieved by the overflowing water coming out of a lake near Ammapet, the residents staged a road blockade on Tuesday.  A lake in Ammapet union, Mukhasiputhur, overflowed following the flooding of the lake due to torrential rains.

The water surrounded the road leading to Sentur town and houses in Thattarpalayam. Due to this, the people of the affected area have requested to reduce the height of another area where the excess water is discharged but to no avail. As a result, more than 70 people of the village, who were in dire straits, took part in a sudden protest at the Poonachi bus stop on the Anthiyur Ammapet road. Due to this, vehicular traffic in the area was greatly affected.

Anthiyur tahsildar Damodaran, Ammapet Police Inspector Shanmugasundaram and officials held talks and informed that appropriate action will be taken. After that, the public abandoned the protest. Due to this, the traffic in the area was affected for about an hour.