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Today Date : Saturday, May 18, 2024

Voters who forgot  to discharge their  democratic duty

Voters who forgot to discharge their democratic duty

The first phase of polling for the country's 18th Lok Sabha  Tamilnadu has witnessed a low voter turnout of 69.72% votes.
Dharmapuri Constituency recorded maximum 81 percent voting. Although this is 2 percent less than the last election, the people of this dry region should be commended for being at the top. A very low 53 percent voter turnout was recorded in Central Chennai.
More than 2.58 percent of voters abstained from voting in this election compared to the last 2019 election. 
The percentage of votes recorded in 34 constituencies in Tamil Nadu has decreased drastically in the recent parliamentary elections. 
In Thoothukudi constituency, 10 percent votes have been recorded as compared to the last election.
Why didn't people come to vote? Was it because the climate was too hot? Do we care who wins? Is it because not enough money is being paid? Or is it because the Election Commission behaved as if it was something wrong in distributing booth slips from house to house?Whatever the reason, the primary reason for the decline in voter turnout is voter turnout; It is not an exaggeration to say that the only reason is the voters who were paralyzed by not going to vote.
Due to the low turnout in this election, will is favor any party? Political parties have started calculating. But as the polling percentage has decreased, there is no chance of alternating victory or defeat. Who benefits? Who is disadvantaged? It is the opinion of political commentators that there is no room for question. 
The higher the turnout, the higher the leading chance of winning. Now the 'leading' will be a little less as the polling percentage is down. That's all they say.
Voting is a great democratic duty. For example... suppose for the stake of mere argument, we say that the government announces that each voter will be given Rs.1000 each for some kind.
Is there a single voter left inside the house without  receieving that amount even though the house is flooded with rain and 110 degree heat? Almost 100 percent people will buy 1000 rupees right?
Our country is the largest democracy in the world. If the number of votes here decreases like this, India's value in the world arena will decrease. Even dictatorial countries look down on us. 
If this is the case if separate elections are held... If the policy of ,”one country, one election'' is implemented, there is no doubt that the voting percentage will decrease further.
It hence seems reasonable that barring those who have not done their democratic duty of voting from receiving government benefits would be a right approch. If this is not possible, what is the alternative? The Election Commission should search for it along with the rulers!