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Today Date : Friday, June 14, 2024

"Voting should not be allowed if only booth slip is brought"

"Voting should not be allowed if only booth slip is brought"

Erode AIADMK advocate wing district president and former MP Selvakumarasinnaiyan said that in the Erode East Assembly by-elections, to be held on February 27, voters should not be allowed to vote only on the basis of booth slip.In a petition to the election returning officer and corporation commissioner Sivakumar, he said the poll should be held honestly. 

Individual or party

Voters should be allowed to vote only if they bring Voter ID card or Aadhaar card along with the booth slip. Booth slip should be given to voters 15 days before the date of election. Only officials authorized by the Election Officers should go door to door and give booth slip to voters and not to any other individual or party. The booth slip giving officials should present at all polling booths and no one be allowed to give the slips.

 The voters who didnot get the slips should be given the slip only if they show voter ID or Aadhar cards.Similarly many people who were in Railway Colony and  Periyar or Sampath Nagars areas have migrated to other places. After finding them booth slips should be given to them, he pleaded.