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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Warner Music Group partners with FIVE Hotels for FIVE Music

Warner Music Group partners with FIVE Hotels for FIVE Music

FIVE Hotels and Resorts has formed a progressive partnership with Warner Music Group to expand its record label, FIVE Music. This partnership will utilize Warner Music Group's worldwide network of chart-busting talent and bring FIVE's visionary musically-driven events and taste-making to the forefront of the international music scene. FIVE has established itself as a coveted luxury leisure destination for travelers and adventure-seekers, fusing the brand's perennial musical tastes with its award-winning take on luxury resorts, culinary hotspots, and vibrant party venues.
FIVE's Music Vertical, which will launch in Q4 of 2023, fits seamlessly into FIVE's entertainment ecosystem, which has music at its core. 

The label is set to sign world-famous talent and provide guests with an exclusive destination for multi-sensory immersive entertainment offerings with FIVE-star music at its core.
To kick off the celebrations, an exciting Music Writing Camp will be hosted from April 28th to May 14th, 2023 at FIVE Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. The event will feature ace artists such as Robin Schulz, Space Motion, Franky Wah, Alle Farben, and renowned writers like KIDDO, Bully Songs, and Gez O'Connell.

FIVE will also commit to a state-of-the-art FIVE Music Studio at FIVE Palm Jumeirah, offering a place for producers, musicians, and writers from around the world to collaborate and make their musical dreams a reality. Aloki Batra, CEO of FIVE Hospitality, explains that FIVE's ethos revolves around first-in-class entertainment-driven destinations with a unique 'Vibe at FIVE' that attracts a global diaspora of music lovers. 
Kabir Mulchandani, Chairman and Founder of FIVE, explains that music runs through FIVE's DNA and is excited to continue growing this division of their evolving portfolio alongside Warner Music Group.