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Today Date : Sunday, May 26, 2024

“Washing Machine”  metaphor a potent weapon in opposition’s arsenal

“Washing Machine” metaphor a potent weapon in opposition’s arsenal

During a press briefing in Delhi, Congress representative Pawan Khera made a pointed statement comparing the BJP to a washing machine, suggesting that joining the ruling party entails an implicit assurance of legal protection and exoneration from allegations of corruption. He humorously remarked that the "cost" of this figurative BJP "washing machine" amounted to Rs 8,500 crore, symbolizing the funds donated to the BJP through election bonds. Khera's analogy implies that joining the BJP is akin to entering a system where legal cases are conveniently resolved, thereby encouraging individuals to align with the ruling party.
Cases against many have been dropped after they joined the BJP. A recent example of this is former Union Minister Praful Patel. He was in the Sharad Pawar-led Nationalist Congress Party and served as the Minister of Aviation in the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance Cabinet. While the BJP accused Praful Patel of embezzling up to Rs.30,000 crore through the Air India scam. Two cases were registered against him in 2017.
After the split of the Nationalist Congress Party, Praful Patel joined the BJP alliance. Following this the CBI filed a report in the court closing the case saying that there was no evidence in the cases against Prabul Patel.
In addition to Praful Patel, the list of individuals who have joined the BJP and its alliance and turned into "clean" is growing. The opposition parties, including the Congress, are using this election as their primary platform.
The opposition parties are using it as a huge campaign against the BJP, claiming that the BJP is working as a 'washing machine' to make saints of those who are steeped in corruption.
The opposition hopes that its ``BJP washing machine'' campaign would make the desired impact and convert into vote. 
Opposition parties like Congress metaphorically portray the BJP as a "washing machine" for corruption, using the case of Prabul Patel as an example. This narrative aims to sway public opinion and secure electoral success by highlighting the selective exoneration of corrupt individuals. Nevertheless it is not going to be too long for the true impact of this narrative on voter sentiment to show-up.