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Today Date : Sunday, April 14, 2024

Water sharing on Daily Basis in Cauvery sought

Water sharing on Daily Basis in Cauvery sought

Keezhbhavani farmers welfare association president lawyer C Nallasamy appealed to the Centre to ensure water sharing on daily  basis in the Cauvery river for TN out of the inflow into the river in Karnataka. He said that '' it is not appropriate to hoist a black flag to protest against the Chairman of the Cauvery Water Management Authority during his visit to Tamil Nadu.

''The Government of Tamil Nadu has been insisting that the Megha Dadu Dam issue should not be discussed at the meeting of the authority.''The Cauvery tribunal verdict is to the detriment of Tamil Nadu even after 28 years of legal battle.  Tamil Nadu has been turned  into a drain of the river from Karnataka. 

Now,  the monthly sharing of water as per the tribunal order is a real setback to TN as the order was not followed strictly so far. The only thing that can be included in the tribunal order is water sharing on daily basis. It would alone help TN to get its due share of water in the river in proportionate manner as per the share allotted to TN.  petrol.  

''This will put an end to the conflict between the two states and strengthen the sovereignty and unity of the nation. The issue of daily water sharing was not discussed at the all-party meeting convened by the government  so far. 

A petition filed by the Keezhbhavani Farmers' Welfare Association in the Supreme Court which rejected the petition saying that an association should not file the petition unless the Tamil Nadu government has to file a review petition on the issue of daily water sharing.  But, no ryots association insisted the demand as they didn't fully understand the ticklish issue and tribunal order fully,'' he rued.