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Today Date : Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Welfare funds worth  Rs 5 lakhs offered to 150 women

Welfare funds worth Rs 5 lakhs offered to 150 women

On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Ponmagal Festival was celebrated by Maxwell Trust, bringing together various initiatives to support and empower women in Coimbatore. During the event, welfare assistance worth Rs. 5 lakhs was extended to 150 women beneficiaries.
Among the beneficiaries were 13 abandoned and widowed women, including 3 tribal women, who received support to start businesses. This included business equipment such as sewing machines, raw materials for handicrafts, and a three-wheeler for a disabled individual. Additionally, educational incentives totaling Rs, 25,000 were provided to 6 children who had lost their parents, ensuring they have access to education. More than 50 government and tribal school students received essential educational equipment, including school bags and notebooks. Additionally, 50 women, including those with disabilities, transgender individuals, and sanitary workers, were provided with rice and groceries for three months, addressing their immediate needs.
The event also included a tribute to the Puducherry rape victim as a mark of solidarity and remembrance. Notable attendees at the event included Founder Murugan, Police Inspector Badarunnisha Begum from Kattoor All Women Police Station, along with celebrities such as actress Sabeetha Roy, Sruthi Shanmugapriya, Willisai Madhavi, Sai Education Saranya, and MapDigital Divyabarathi.