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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

Well done,Chennai  City Police!

Well done,Chennai City Police!

A few months ago, the Central Road Transport and Highways Department had released a report on road accidents in the country in the year 2021. In that report, Chennai Metropolis was ranked first in driving the vehicles at high speed.
After this, due to various quick and strict measures taken by the Tamil Nadu government, these accidents have started to decrease. The Chennai City Police has announced the next step in this regard. That is, in Chennai, a new order has been issued to motorists that if they drive at a speed of 40 km from now on, a case will be registered. Chennai City Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal has announced that measures will be taken to install monitoring equipment at 20 more places to detect speeding vehicles and that a speed limit of 40 km per hour is necessary to reduce accidents.
The Chennai Traffic Police has deployed a 2D radar system vehicle equipped with a state-of-the-art ANPR camera that rotates 360 degrees to detect and fine the vehicles involved in violations. The patrol vehicles are equipped with ANPR cameras and radars. That is, the 360 degree camera is equipped to capture traffic violations including driving without helmet, triple ride, driving while talking on cell phone and speeding. The police say that this has also yielded good results.
There is no doubt that accidents will reduce further if motorists carefully follow such rules and regulations. It is also very important that motorists should voluntarily obey the traffic rules regardless of the police's reprimands. If this project is successfully implemented in Chennai, it can be followed by expansion to cities with high traffic such as Coimbatore and Madurai to avoid accidents.