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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

What is  Governor R.N Ravi going to do?

What is Governor R.N Ravi going to do?

Senthil Balaji was the Minister of Electricity and Prohibition and Planning in Chief Minister Stalin's cabinet when the Enforcement Officers arrested him. After this, Chief Minister Stalin decided to change the portfolios of Senthil Balaji as his health deteriorated.
Chief Minister Stalin had recomended to Governor R.N Ravi that the electricity sector managed by Senthil Balaji  be allocated to  Minister Thangam Thenarasu and the Prohibition and Excise Department to Minister Muthuswamy. Stalin also nominated Senthil Balaji as Minister without portfolio.
The governor did not approve the continuation of Senthil Balaji as minister without portfolio  and sent back the recommendation but he approved the portfolio changes. Due to this conflict arose between the Tamil Nadu government and the Governor R.N Ravi. Amid the opposition of Governor R.N Ravi, the Tamil Nadu government took a drastic decision and announced that Senthil Balaji's portfolios will be shared between Ministers Thangam Thenarasu and Muthusamy and he will continue as a minister without portfolio and a G.O has been issued to that effect.Can Senthilbalaji become Minister without portfolio without Governor's approval? Political commentators are in agreement that it can be done.

 There is a precedent for that.
Channa Reddy was the Governor during the years 1991 and 96 when Jayalalithaa was the Chief Minister. Both were at logger heads and a fierce conflict prevailed between them.During that period, Jayalalitha gave a recommendation letter to the Governor to change the portfolios of 4 ministers including Sengottaiyan. 
Channa Reddy put the proposal on hold for more than 15 days. What did Jayalalithaa do then? She had done what now Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has done now. 

That is, she issued a G.O for portfolio changes and implemented it. Governor Channa Reddy gave the nod but was humiliated.At that time, a person filed a case in the High Court seeking to annul Jayalalithaa's order and transfer of portfolios. The High Court ruled that the then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was right. Does R.N Ravi not know all this?The same has happened now. A Tamil Nadu government's order has been issued that  Ministers Muthusamy, Thangam Thenarasu have been allotted Senthilbalaji's portfolios and Senthil Balaji would continue as a minister without portfolio. 

Now the question," What will be the next step of the governor?," has raised great expectations. There is no doubt that his decision will take excitement in Tamil Nadu politics to its peak.What will Governor R.N Ravi do? Will Senthilbalaji be allowed to remain as Minister without portfolio? Or is he going to be humiliated like Channa Reddy?
Let's wait and see!