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Today Date : Saturday, July 20, 2024

Where has equality gone in the Tamil Sangamam Festival?

Where has equality gone in the Tamil Sangamam Festival?

As part of the 75th anniversary of India's independence, Tamil Sangamam a month-long event is underway in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, on behalf of the Union government. It was inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi.
This festival has come under heavy criticism.

One party has suggested that the event will improve the connectivity between Varanasi and Tamil Nadu. Let's admit it. But in a festival for Tamils...shouldn't Tamilnadu, the motherland of Tamils, be a major part of that too in a month-long festival? Shouldn't Tamil scholars participate in large numbers? Should Tamil Nadu's Chief Minister M.K.Stalin be invited to participate or not?

How many Tamils know that such a ceremony is going on in Varanasi? What Tamil-related programs are listed and conducted there does not resonate in Tamil Nadu. Along with the event attended by Prime Minister Modi; After that, the news did not even appear in Tamil Nadu newspapers.

Seeing all this, the doubt arises that BJP is doing politics with Tamil. What is the justification for seeking political gain by leaving Tamil Nadu aside in the Union Government function? BJP may deny this. So which one is true?

According to media reports, an invitation letter has been sent to the Tamil Nadu government for the 'Kasi Tamil Sangamam' event. Is that true? No. Shekhar Babu Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department Minister and Thangam Thennarasu Tamil Culture Minister have denied that the invitation was ever received. Where did the invitation go? From Kasi to Chennai by post, where did it go wrong on the way? Tamils are criticizing all that.

With the cooperation of the Tamil Nadu government, the best Tamil scholars and writers could have participated and made a world-wide festival like the Tamil classical conference held in Coimbatore. Where did equality go in  Sangamam?If it is a private ceremony, you can leave it.

This is the program of the Union Government. Will the Union Government come forward to make the festival better for the rest of the days by making a formal invitation to the Tamil Nadu Government? Will Tamil Nadu BJP leaders make an effort?