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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Why is Guv not signing gambling games ban bill?: CM

Why is Guv not signing gambling games ban bill?: CM

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Tuesday wondered why the Governor RN Ravi is taking such a long time to give his assent to the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Online Gambling and Regulation of Online Games Ordinance, 2022.  

Through the second part of the ‘Ungalil Oruvan’ (one among you) programme, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin answered public questions on Tuesday.   Asked about his views on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reply to the motion of thanks on President’s Droupadi Murmu’s customary speech in the Parliament, Stalin said, “I learnt the technique of speaking for hours without answering any of the questions. 

There are several accusations against PM Modi and his party. But he had not responded to any of those accusations till date. Instead of people, Modi himself proclaims that the Indian citizens are protecting him like a shield.   It is true that lotus will bloom in water. But it does not mean that the flower will bloom in all the water bodies, especially the ones filled with mud. He did not give any straight answer on BBC documentary or Adani group issue. He neither spoke about his electoral promises.”

Pointing out that DMK MPs had raised numerous questions related to Sethu Samuthiram scheme, NEET, states’ rights, intervention of Governors in state administration and online gambling prohibition act, he said that the Prime Minister has not responded to any of the questions and importantly he did not have anything to tell for the people of Tamil Nadu.

Referring to one of the PM’s questions on the DMK’s alliance with the Congress, he said that how fair it is for the BJP to ask such a question especially when they are in alliance with the AIADMK that once resolved their government. “With every passing day, number of suicides due to online gambling games have been increasing.

AIIMS hospital

But till date, the Governor has not given his nod to pass the bill even after the High Court directed to pass the bill on emergency basis. He has insulted the cabinet that passed the bill unanimously. I don’t know how many more lives will the Governor need to sign off the bill. 

But what is saddening is the union government’s move to tax the amount that one gains from such gambling games,” he said.Asked on whether he thinks that the union government has sidelined Tamil Nadu in its budget, the Chief Minister quickly acknowledged it. He, further, said, “The union government has so far announced only one scheme for the state and that is AIIMS hospital in Madurai.

They also said that they will construct it with the aid of the Japanese government. Till date, they neither received any assistance from Japan nor allocated any funds from their budget. Isn’t it evident that they are sidelining Tamil Nadu?”Asked on his take about the union government’s reluctance to investigate the report against Adani groups, Stalin said, 

“The accusations against the Adani groups are against the BJP government, as well.  When the Apex Court has considered the report, the Parliament ideally should have discussed the issue and subject it for further investigation.  All the questions raised by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi are valid. But it is very shocking that Modi did not utter a word on it.”