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Today Date : Saturday, May 18, 2024

Will a battlefield rage against Governor Ravi?

Will a battlefield rage against Governor Ravi?

Tamil Nadu is one of the most literate and industrially developed states in India compared to BJP-ruled states. Even Kerala, ruled by the Congress and the Left, has seen great progress in educational development. Moreover, due to the social justice policy being implemented in Tamil Nadu, the state is an advanced state in terms of education and job opportunities.

Against this reality, the Governor of Tamil Nadu has recently said that the people of Tamil Nadu are being cheated by the Dravida Movement regime. Further speaking at an event, Governor R.N Ravi said that it would be appropriate to call Tamil Nadu as Tamizhagam. Various political party leaders are condemning Governor R.N Ravi, who has made it his policy to talk in such a way as to stir up such unnecessary controversies without taking actions that encourage the development of Tamil Nadu.

``Governor RN Ravi continues to talk about historical distortions. Looking at his speeches in Tamil Nadu,makes us wonder if it was the Governor who created the Constitution? Or is he the propaganda secretary of the Tamil Nadu BJP? Doubt arises. Tamil Nadu Congress President K.S Azhagiri has warned that all the democratic secular parties will have to come together and fight to demand his immediate removal from the post of Governor.

Thirumavalavan, leader of the Vidudhalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK), said on his Twitter page, posted, 'Agam- also means inner; It also means home. Nadu- also means nation; It also means search. Our soul is also Tamil. Our country is also Tamil. Our Tamil self is Tamil Nadu. Our inside and outside is Tamil Nadu. It is wider, wider, higher, better.' 
As the voice of condemnation continues to rise, netizens are increasingly using the hashtag #TamilNadu against the Governor. The hashtag 'Tamil Nadu' is trending in India. Tweets are being shared that the name Tamilnadu should be used and that Tamilnadu is a part of India.

All the people of Tamil Nadu know that the voice of BJP, which wants to destroy the name of Tamil Nadu, has come out through the Governor. It must be understood that this alone will destroy the BJP's growth in Tamil Nadu from the root.   Tamil Nadu is still Tamil Nadu. The government of Tamil Nadu led by M.K Stalin will never allow any attempt to change this. Tamils ​​will not allow it either. It seems that the time is not far when everyone has to join forces against the governor!