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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Will BJP’s manifesto  ensure victory  for Modi?

Will BJP’s manifesto ensure victory for Modi?

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which is in power in the centre has released its election manifesto under the title ``Developed India'' yesterday.
The manifesto includes  common election throughout the country; expansion of Ayushman Bharat scheme to provide free health insurance to all above 70 years of age; free houses for three crore more people in the next 5 years; a  common civil code to all people throughout the country. Besides these the manifesto has announced that a scheme will be introduced to provide sanitary napkins to women for Rs 1. Reservation of seats for women will be implemented. Strict action will be taken against corrupt people. The credit limit of the MUDRA scheme will be increased to Rs 20 lakh and Thiruvalluvar cultural centers will be established across the world.
Thus many promises are included in the BJP manifesto. But the opposition parties are strongly criticizing BJP's election manifesto.When the election manifestos of the ruling party and the main opposition parties are released, it is common for the opposing parties to come up with harsh criticism. At present, criticism of the BJP's election manifesto is heating up the campaign.
“Even though BJP's manifesto mentions the country's development and general programs, BJP has included in its manifesto despite the existing objections like common civil law, one country, one election. The BJP election manifesto lacks programs announcements that directly benefit the people. Whereas the manifesto of the Congress party which promise to give Rs 1 lakh per annum to poor women is a direct benefit,” say the opposition.
Thus the current election turf proves to be a tough contest for both camps to taste the fruits of victory.