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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Will Modi’s calculated praise of MGR and  Jayalalithaa fetch votes?

Will Modi’s calculated praise of MGR and Jayalalithaa fetch votes?

Prime Minister Modi yesterday introduced the BJP alliance's Tamil Nadu election campaign to a crowd in Palladam. He became a political debate topic in Tamil Nadu at that time for praising previous AIADMK Chief Ministers MGR and Jayalalitha. 
Why is Prime Minister Modi praising the leaders of the party? This is said to be an effort to win over AIADMK voters. MGR’s fans will only cast their votes for AIADMK. When they are outside of the alliance, would the Jayalalithaa-raised AIADMK workers shift their votes to BJP? 
After holding off on joining the AIADMK alliance for a few months, the BJP has now taken the lead in forming a coalition on its own.
Prime Minister Modi's praise of MGR and Jayalalitha would have been a political civility if it was for the sake of the alliance. That doesn't seem to be the case. Annamalai, who formed a new alliance led by the BJP in Tamil Nadu, made the alliance party leaders sit on the stage in the presence of Prime Minister. So if the BJP joins the AIADMK-led alliance from now on, the Palladam meeting itself will become meaningless. There is remote possibility that AIADMK joins the BJP-led alliance.
Therefore, political observers predict that the BJP will not be able to attract even a few votes from the AIADMK as Prime Minister Modi suddenly praised MGR and Jayalalithaa when the AIADMK was not in the alliance. Will Prime Minister’s strategy work? Let’s wait for the parliamentary elections.