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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

Will PM Modi hear  Tamil Nadu's cry for fair relief ?

Will PM Modi hear Tamil Nadu's cry for fair relief ?

Cyclone Michaung devastated Chennai and the surrounding areas in the beginning of December of last year.Before the state recovered from this effect, it had to deal with catastrophic floods in southern districts as additional problem.The victims each received a relief grant of Rs. 6000 from the Tamil Nadu government.
The Chief Minister held a personal meeting with Prime Minister NarendraModi during which he made demands for the immediate payment of Rs 2000 crore, Rs 7,033 crore in temporary relief, and Rs 12,659 crore in permanent relief.
In this situation, the central government had released the tax distribution installment for the states. 
That means a total of Rs.72,961.21crore had been released. Of this, the central government has allocated Rs.13,088.51crore to the state of Uttar Pradesh, which is ruled by the BJP and is the home constituency of Prime Minister Modi. Only Rs 2,976.10 crore was allocated to Tamil Nadu.
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh visited the Chennai floods. After that the Union Disaster Management Committee also visited and took stock of the damage and left a report praising the relief work of the Tamil Nadu government.
Similarly, Union Finance Minister NirmalaSitharaman visited the flood-affected southern districts.
It has been 30 days since both the ministers visited. Till date they have not issued any statement regarding the flood damage, related relief funds and the losses to the farmers who lost their livelihood.
Tamil Nadu has not been given a single penny to the special fund for the storm and flood damage. It is customary for the Union government to give Rs.900 crore to each state to deal with natural calamities. 
In what way is it fair to confuse this with the funds to be provided separately for sudden natural calamities?
In May 2021, Gujarat was hit by a storm called Tagde. On the second day of this incident, Prime Minister Modi visited all the affected places and immediately distributed Rs.1000 crore to the state. He announced a compensation of Rs 2 lakh to the deceased.
However, Prime Minister Modi has yet to give even a single rupee to the families of those who perished in Tamil Nadu as a result of flooding and rain. Why?
The Tamil Nadu MPs will personally visit with Home Minister Amit Shah to discuss this matter and urge that relief monies be allocated right now. A personal plea has also been made by Minister Udayanidhi Stalin, who spoke with Prime Minister Modi yesterday.
Avoid putting chalk in one eye and butter in the other. What transgression did the Tamil Nadu populace commit? The people of Tamilnadu expect the federal government to set aside a specific amount for flood and storm assistance right away.
It's time for Prime Minister Modi to demonstrate mercy and give up his political feelings.