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Today Date : Sunday, May 26, 2024

Will the ban of  Medical Council be lifted?

Will the ban of Medical Council be lifted?

Tamil Nadu has always had a special place in the field of medicine and medical education. Many of those who studied in the medical colleges here have specialized in the field. They have gained good name and fame and are at a high level in foreign countries as well.

In this scenario, this year, it is shocking that the Medical Council of India inspection committee has issued an order suspending the admission of students for three medical colleges in Tamil Nadu. This order has been issued as a matter of urgency pointing out some administrative deficiencies in Chennai Stanley Medical College, Government G.P. Viswanathan Medical College, Trichy and Government Medical College, Puducherry .

Who is responsible for the situation becoming so serious without addressing the deficiencies? Principals and professors of respective medical colleges too may be responsbile for some lapses, but those affected by this problem very much are the students . 

It is by no means right to harm them by such an abatement; Neither is it ethical.
If any defects are found, it should have been pointed out, given time to correct them and continued the grant of appoval. Why didn't the medical council do that? This is a question raised by the public. 
If such an order is given to a medical college that is over 100 years old, the question does  arise whether it is a plan that will bring a stigma to the Tamil Nadu government. 
As Tamil Nadu is a state that strongly opposes the NEET examination, there is no doubt that such minor defects are punished severely.

Inspection is not wrong. But our argument is that the approach should be fair. Therefore, it is necessary and urgent that decisions be based on humanitarian basis. This is seen as an act that stunts medical progress. 
Out of social concern, we would like to make a heartfelt request to the Medical Council of India's Study Committee that the de-accreditation order should not affect the education of the new medical students.
Crimes are different; Flaws & Errors are different. Defects & errors are to be corrected. No crime was committed here. Then why the punishment? Also Tamil Nadu government has made efforts to maintain recognition of medical colleges. Minister M. Subramanian is also planning to go to Delhi to insist upon this. The Medical Council of India should come forward to consider that too.
So we should be given another chance to remove the grievances and take steps to cancel the ban.
Will Medical Council of India come to our help?