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Today Date : Saturday, April 20, 2024

Will the farmers get Diwali bonus?

Will the farmers get Diwali bonus?

Due to the rains in the Cauvery irrigation districts, the paddy brought by the farmers to the purchase stations for sale have become wet and damp. Because of this, the moisture content has increased beyond the permissible level and the farmers are unable to sell the paddy.

As the central government has accepted the request of the Tamil Nadu government to start early procurement, the procurement has started from September 1st.  While everything was going well so far, it was the unseasonal rain that caused the damage. Cauvery irrigated districts have also been receiving heavy rains for the past few days. Rain-soaked paddy is dried by farmers on the road during the day.

However, the paddy becomes re-moistened by rain or snow again during the night.According to the rules laid down by the central government, only paddy with 17% moisture content can be procured. But now the moisture content of rain-soaked paddy is 22 to 25%. The Tamil Nadu government cannot arbitrarily purchase paddy with such moisture content. 

High moisture paddy could be procured only if the central government gives permission.This is causing great distress to the farmers. Food Minister Chakrapani has said that he has made a request to Union Minister Piyush Goyal in this regard. But no creative progress seems to have taken place.

The plight of farmers continues. Only 11 days left for Diwali festival. By then they can celebrate Diwali well only if they sell the rice bundles at the procurement station. In this matter, without wasting even an hour, the Tamil Nadu government should take steps to get the approval of the Union government for the welfare of farmers and purchase paddy with high moisture content.

The Union Government should also turn its eyes on the farmers of Tamil Nadu without any delay...immediately. It will be a ''Diwali bonus'' for farmers.