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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Will UGC’s dual degree approval be beneficial?

Will UGC’s dual degree approval be beneficial?

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has given permission for students to take two full time degrees at the same time.This is based on the new educational policy and to enable students to develop multifaceted talents.

The decision allows students to take two under graduate or post graduate degrees at the same university or in different universities at the same time. They can also pursue two diplomas at the same time. They can pursue the course in-campus or through online mode. A student who is eligible to study chemistry or biology major can also do English, Tamil or Commerce degrees. 

Students who study a certain major could not focus attention on other courses. This has changed now. In every field there is intense competition among students in getting jobs. Learning a wide range of subjects and extracurricular learning to acquire broad based knowledge would help those taking up competitive exams. 

However the focus of students in the full time study of major subjects would reduce by the new system. At the same time the value of degree courses will diminish. Students will tend to focus on acquiring two degrees rather than gaining knowledge. By studying in two different courses in different institutions at the same time, there would be difficulty in attending classes at the same time and chances of multiple exams at the same time would arise. This can lead to stress and many other problems among students. It is being charged that there can also be reduction in quality of imparting education. 

Only when the idea is implemented the problems inherent in the system would come to force. The permission allowing dual course however is a welcome step. Students welcome this. Let us also welcome it !.