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Today Date : Friday, June 14, 2024

Wings EV Microcar ROBIN tops NEV category at  Micromobility Europe 2023

Wings EV Microcar ROBIN tops NEV category at Micromobility Europe 2023

Wings EV, a VC-funded electric vehicle startup based in Indore and Bengaluru, has won the best in category award for their flagship product, Robin, at the Micromobility Europe conference in Amsterdam. 
Robin, a fully covered compact two-seater four-wheeler with the length and width of a motorbike, combines a two-wheeler's mobility with a small car's safety and comfort, making it ideal for everyday driving in the city. 
Robin is fully automatic, has a top speed of 60 kmph, and runs 90 kilometers on a single charge in regular city driving conditions. It has a LFP battery pack that charges in 4.5 hours from a standard 15A power socket using its onboard charger. 
Robin does not require expensive charging equipment and will come in three variants and is expected to be available for order in India later this year.
Co-Founder and CEO PranavDandekar expressed his commitment to solving traffic congestion problems in cities through deep, user-centered design and innovation. 
Wings EV has been designing and developing the innovative concept since 2018, building alpha prototypes in 2021 and conducting extensive market research across six cities in India.  The vehicle specifications and features are a result of deep insights into people's mobility needs, safety concerns with two-wheelers, and problems with driving and parking a car in the city. Wings EV has built pre-production prototypes that are undergoing testing and are about to be submitted to ARAI for homologation. 
Robin will be classified as a quadricycle (L7) and will require a registration and car driving license to drive.