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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Wishes for Senthil  Balaji's speedy recovery

Wishes for Senthil Balaji's speedy recovery

The news is doing the rounds in Tamilnadu  about the raid at Minister Senthil Balaji's house, Chief Secretariat, his arrest, chest pain, angio, referral for bypass operation...etc.
CBI, Income Tax Department and Enforcement Department are the weapons used by the Union BJP government to intimidate the ministers, leaders and people's representatives who criticize the BJP strongly in the states ruled by strong opposition parties.
The arrest of Minister Senthilbalaji is also seen as one of the follow-up measures. It is not only undemocratic that the enforcement authorities are acting to the point where his health deteriorates; Allegations of human rights violations have also been raised.
The ESI Medical Committee under the control of the Union Government itself has recommended that Senthilbalaji should undergo a bypass surgery. But not only the BJP executives but also the key leaders of the opposition party can be seen teasing and mocking this as dramatization.
Likewise, the enforcement department is intent on imprisoning Senthilbalaji without worrying about his health. Why is that? Where has mercy and humanity gone? People of Tamil Nadu are asking all these questions. No one should forget that all the laws of India are based on humanity.
What is the reason for the Union Government to threaten the State Governments using the three Intelligence Agencies against the political rivals? Is BJP afraid of defeat in 2024 elections? The doubt arises. Another reason could be to prevent opposition parties from uniting at the national level. People are  getting ready to judge all that.
The BJP's main objective could be to discredit the DMK government in the Senthilbalaji issue. They have the courage and strength to face the DMK and the Dravida model government legally and politically.
DMK always has the strength to turn trials into achievements by winning with the support of the people, whether it is a legal battle or a people's struggle. 
For now we wish Minister Senthilbalaji a speedy recovery!