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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

With BJP’s blessings Sasikala-OPS-Dinakaran alliance  in the making?

With BJP’s blessings Sasikala-OPS-Dinakaran alliance in the making?

Sasikala went to PanrutiRamachandran's house and consulted him for 40 minutes. She inquired about his health. They discussed many important issues regarding the old AIADMK and also  many important political issues.

It was in last June when PanrutiRamachandran met Sasikala. Panneerselvam was met by PanrutiRamachandran. The meeting between PanrutiRamachandran and OPS took place when the issue of single leadership was at its peak. PanrutiRamachandran is said to have advised the OPS to join Sasikala and oppose Edappadi.

The meeting between Sasikala and PanrutiRamachandran is currently going on when this meeting took place in the second week of June.

 This meeting is said to be closely related to the previous meeting. In this meeting PanrutiRamachandran is said to have talked about the importance of TTV-Sasikala-OPS working together.At that time itself there were reports that PanrutiRamachandran tried to form an OPS-Sasikala-T TV.Dhinakaran alliance.

By this step the votes of the Mukulathor will be combined. Due to this, two teams will definitely be formed in AIADMK.This can cause problems for Edappadi. Edappadi cannot control the AIADMK for long by keeping Kongu region alone. PanrutiRamachandran is said to have advised Sasikala that even in Kongu region, many leaders were jealous of Edappadi.

It is said that the green signal given to Sasikala by Delhi (BJP) is the reason behind Sasikala's sudden meeting with PanruttiRamachandran and suddenly giving an interview about AIADMK.

In other words, there are reports that Delhi is supporting Sasikala. Delhi BJP leaders are unhappy with Edappadi.Delhi does not want Edappadi to act arbitrarily and claim to be the single leader of the AIADMK. Thus, Delhi has decided to field OPS andSasikala against Edappadi. BJP sources say that Sasikala has finally got Delhi's blessing.

There are reports that Sasikala is being asked by the Delhi BJP to step in as Edappadiwill not suit BJP's future plans in Tamil Nadu politics. This is why Sasikala has been meeting various executives one after the other.
What is going to happen in AIADMK? We are going to see!