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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

World is looking at Indian youths with hope, PM Modi

World is looking at Indian youths with hope, PM Modi

The whole world is looking at Indian youths with hope, said the prime minister Narendra Modi on Friday while speaking at the 42nd convocation ceremony of Anna University in Chennai. 

Congratulating the graduating students, Modi said, “you would have already built your future in your minds. So, this day is not just a day of achievements but also for aspirations.”

The whole world is looking at Indian youths with hope because you are the growth engines of India and India is the growth engine of the world, he added.  “We have witnessed unprecedented damage due to Covid-19 pandemic.

 It is impossible for anyone to handle such distress that happens once in 100 years. It has put all the countries in trouble. You know how many challenges we have faced. 

But India had faced the unknown challenge with hope. For that, we have to thank scientists, healthcare workers and the public,” he said. 

Pointing out that India was named the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer last year, he said that invention has become the goal of our lives. In the last six years, the number of industries in the country has increased to 15,000%, he said, adding that the country has received Rs 83 billion worth foreign direct investment and India’s place in the global market has improved.

“There is a huge hope for the information technology sector mainly because of three reasons. One, it is attractive, trends are working in favour of the field and even poor people have started using technology. Second, trusting those who put in their hard work. 

Third, setting the right state of mind among people. We have changed the meaning of a strong government from controlling the people to being responsible,” he explained. 

“My faith is in the younger generation. They are the next generation employees. They will work out all the problems like lions,” - these words from Swami Vivekananda have made the entire world look at the Indian youths, he said, adding that former president APJ Abdul Kalam is from the university. “Everyone of you should follow in his footsteps in dreaming and working for the country,” he added. 

Speaking about the importance of the national educational policy, he said, “your growth is the country’s growth and your victory is the country’s victory.”