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Yercaud's summer fest features family-friendly attractions, vibrant floral  displays

Yercaud's summer fest features family-friendly attractions, vibrant floral displays

 The 47th annual Yercaud Summer Festival and Flower Show kicked off on Wednessday with an inauguration by Ms. Apoorva,Commissioner of Agricultural Production and Principal Secretary to Government alongside other distinguished officials includingMr. B. Kumaravel Pandian, Director of Horticulture and Hill Crops and Dr. R Brindadevi, and District Collector. 
This highly anticipated event, running until May 26, promises a colorful array of attractions designed to entertain tourists and locals alike.
Theflag ship event of the festival, the Flower Show held at the picturesque Anna Park, features an impressive display of over a lakh flowers, showcasing the theme of sustainable energy generation through natural resources. Highlighting the festival's dedication to environmental education, beloved cartoon characters such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Tom & Jerry are depicted as floral structures made from a total of 5.5 lakh flowers of various colours and varieties, engaging children in the importance of tree planting and conservation.
Visitors can marvel at the intricate flower displays, which include more than 50,000 flower pots comprising local and exotic varieties like rose, carnation, gerbera, paliconia, chrysanthamums, gladiolous and bird of paradise etc. New introductions include, orchid liliumm,terrariums and bonsais.  Additionally, coffee enthusiasts have the unique opportunity to sample and purchase various Yercaud-grown coffee varieties, a testament to the region's rich agricultural heritage.
The five-day event is packed with activities for all ages, including painting and photography exhibitions, art and food shows, pet shows, and boat races. Various sports competitions are also slated to engage the youth. To ensure a memorable experience for movie lovers, entertaining films will be screened daily.
In a bid to enhance tourist convenience, the district administration has introduced QR codes at the Yercaud base check post. 
These codes provide essential information on local attractions, important contact numbers, and event schedules, ensuring that visitors can navigate the festival with ease.
The opening ceremony saw the participation of several key officials, including District Rural Development Agency Additional Collector Dr Alarmel Mangai,  District Revenue Officer Dr. B. Menaka, Salem Revenue Divisional Officer Mr. Ambayiranathan, Deputy Director Horticulture Mrs. G. Malini, and Assistant Director (Panchayats) Mrs. Sangamithrai, along with a throng of enthusiastic 
As the Yercaud Summer Festival and Flower Show blossoms into full swing, it continues to be a beacon of community spirit and a celebration of nature's beauty, drawing visitors from near and far to the enchanting hills of Yercaud