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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

'Yoga and naturopathy is a practical way of healthy living'

'Yoga and naturopathy is a practical way of healthy living'

Renowned psychiatrist Dr ESM  Saravanan said Naturopathy and Yoga is a way of healthy living. 
Addressing the 2nd annual white coat ceremony of the Kongu Naturopathy and Yoga Medical College Hospital, Perundurai, on Tuesday, he said that '' What we follow in life is the base for this learning. 
It is a diffucult course as one has to do yoga daily  in the morning.

It is a course to help people to live healthy. In general one has to do yoga or breathing exercise for half hour daily. It would help our children to do it. Food, exercise, rest and sleep are important features of life. They would remove our hardships. In fact, yoga therapy would improve patients in depression. Yoga was in philosophy 50 years back. 

But, now, it is used in treating various diseases, according to various studies. Now, there is much scope for yoga and naturopathy science in which India could lead the world. So, the students should learn the course in indepth manner. Everyone expect magic in treatment. 

Holistic medicine

But you can't buy healthy life. Only through discipline in life which could be brought through yoga we could lead healthy life, so that only the yoga and naturopathy is called as holistic medicine. Cognitive behaviour therapy could not change one's character. Only through practice one could improve their character. The yoga course is advocated it and mindful techniques only so that only the doctors of the course could be associated with all medicinal  system.

Acceptance and commitment therapy to improve ourselves with a goal in life is must because our relationship with others has many problems.  So, the naturopathy and yoga would help solve both psycholigical and physical stress, he noted. KVITT president  Dr R Kumarasamy, treasurer Ravishankar, patron members PC Palanismy, Devaraja, Muthusamy, College correspondent Venkatachalam, and Principal Dr Pratap Singh attended.