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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Young people, stop violent protests!

Young people, stop violent protests!

The BJP government has announced a non-permanent, non-pensionable military mercenary scheme under the Sanskrit title Agni Path. Youths in Bihar and Rajasthan have been waging mass protests against the scheme. This has caused a great deal of controversy among the people.

Young people who were eager to join the Indian Army have been fighting against the plan, asking what they would do in the remaining days if they were given only four years to work. Those who enlist in these four years of military service will not receive any benefits, such as pensions. The Union Government plans to add recruits to the army, announcing that only 25 percent of the best will be made permanent after four years of service, and launch a qualifying system such as NEET exams to terminate the majority.Young people who are preparing to join the Indian Army, have jumped into the protest fray in Rajasthan and Bihar. Trains have been set on fire. Violence has erupted in states including Haryana and Telangana, with one person killed in a shooting in Secunderabad. Many have been injured.

 It is reprehensible for young people to engage in violence.  What is the future without job security and pensions? What is the Union Government's response to the protesters' allegations? The Union Government says soldiers leaving after 4 years will be given priority to join the police and the para military.Former Army officials have shared differing views on whether the plan is good or not. Opposition parties have also been registering opposition to the plan.

There is no doubt that the Union Government will not allow any compromise in the security of the country. But the skepticism that the future of those who join the Agni Path project will be uncertain is causing outrage among the youth.The Union Government is committed to implementing this plan. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has announced that the project will be implemented soon. 

Therefore, as the age limit has been raised to 23, Prime Minister Modi's government should immediately consider announcing additional concessions and attracting young people to join the army. Young people, violence is never the answer. The farmers succeeded only because they fought peacefully for more than a year. Stop the violent struggle for the good of the country!