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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Zak muslim committee organises special Ramzan prayer

Zak muslim committee organises special Ramzan prayer

Thousands of Muslims gathered in Coimbatore for a special Ramzan prayer organised by the Zak Committee ahead of the holy month of Ramzan. The prayer session took place at Kuniyamuthur Aisha Mahal, and participants, adorned in new attire, embraced each other warmly, exchanging heartfelt wishes.

Ramzan holds special significance in Islam, symbolising a period of spiritual closeness to God and an opportunity for self-reflection and renewal. It is believed that during this month, the gates of heaven are open, while those of hell are closed, making it a time of immense blessings and divine favour.

Muslims observe fasts throughout the month of Ramzan, culminating in the joyous celebration of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting period. The community comes together in prayer, reflection, and acts of charity during this sacred time, promoting a sense of unity and devotion among believers.

In addition to the prayer session organised by the Zak Committee, the Sunnath Jamaat, another prominent Muslim sect, is set to hold its own special prayer session tomorrow, further emphasising the spiritual significance of the upcoming month of Ramzan.